Renew Your Green Card

A Green Card has 10 years of validity and you need to keep it with you as proof that you are a lawful permanent resident of the USA. You may need to look for options to renew your Green Card before it expires to continue working lawfully.

We understand that sometimes it gets out of your mind. This will not hamper you if the green card is expiring within the next six months. However, failing to have a renewed Green Card may lead you to issues when you choose to apply for a job or get back to the USA after a foreign trip.

With easyILA, the process of renewing your Green Card becomes easy becomes smooth. Consultants will assist you as you file Form I-90 to initiate a Green Card renewal process. Drop us a line or call us to know the detailed procedure to Renew Your Green Card without any hindrance.

OCI (Overseas Citizenship of India)

Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) is for the residents of India and their spouses, allowing them to live and work in India. OCI card is valid for 10 years after being issued and gives a cardholder the right to multipurpose, multiple entries, lifelong visa permitting them to visit India at any time, for a preferable duration, and any permitted intent. However, OCI does not give an applicant the right to dual citizenship but gives them a right to stay, work or buy a residential or commercial property in India. Connect with easyILA to know how you can apply for the Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI).

Many citizens of India who are current lawful permanent residents of the United States may be surprised to learn that India, contrary to popular belief, also does not have dual citizenship.

In fact, it is prohibited by the Indian Constitution to retain Indian citizenship if one voluntarily acquires citizenship in another country. There is something called “OCI” which stands for Overseas Citizenship of India. However, this is not the same as retaining your Indian Citizenship...

Employment-based Green card Application

As a non-native individual, you have multiple options to acquire permanent residency, including an Employment-Based Green Card. Priority workers, nonnative individuals with a membership of professions holding advanced degrees, or skilled professionals come under employment-based (EB) “preference immigrant” categories. If you fall under one of the EB1, EB2 or EB3 categories, you can seek help from your employer to sponsor your Green Card. Connect with our skilled consultants will assist you with the list of documents you will need, and the procedure to file for the Employment-based Green Card...

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easyILA is the one-stop-solution for Green Card holders, Immigrants and Immigration Applicants seeking to successfully complete their paperwork and maintaining their status in the U.S. This user-friendly free service streamlines the process for you to complete your petitions, USCIS forms, avoid mistakes and omissions. For many the application process can be confusing, time-consuming and overwhelming. Now no more. Simply tell us your case, and our experts and consultants will guide you further with recommendations.

We anticipate your needs, based on your case, and take proactive steps to ensure you are fully prepared for the immigration process or to maintain your Green Card status. We are compassionate about helping applicants overcome the difficult challenges they often face with complex laws related to immigration.

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