Employment-based Green card Application

”EB-3 Third Preference—Employment-Based Immigration”

EB-3 Team easyILA:

As a non-native individual, you have multiple options to acquire permanent residency, including an Employment-Based Green Card. Priority workers, nonnative individuals with a membership of professions holding advanced degrees, or skilled professionals come under employment-based (EB) “preference immigrant” categories. If you fall under one of the EB1, EB2 or EB3 categories, you can seek help from your employer to sponsor your Green Card. Connect with our skilled consultants will assist you with the list of documents you will need, and the procedure to file for the Employment-based Green Card.

OEB5 is also employment based, but the difference here is that a minimum Investment of either $800,000 in a TEA qualified EB5 project or $1,05,00,000 in an EB5 qualified project is required, which must generate atleast 10 permanent jobs. EB5 allows Green Card to the eligible Investor, the investors spouse, and their children up to 21 years. Call us for an appointment to speak to an EB5 expert and find EB5 qualified TEA and non-TEA projects.

Family Members:

When accompanying the main beneficiary of the EB-3 Employment Based Immigration status, spouses and children, defined as under 21 and unmarried, may obtain green cards as derivatives of any individual granted EB-3 Employment Based Immigration status.

Do I Need An EB-3 easyILA Team?

If you are trying to live and work in the United States, you have probably discovered how complicated and frustrating U.S. immigration laws can be. Getting the help of an experienced team is your best bet for obtaining an EB-3 visa. A skilled Team has been through the complex, multi-phase process many times before, so they can help you navigate the red tape.

Why Choose easyILA To Handle My Case?

At easyILA, our experienced and compassionate team have dedicated their professional lives to helping immigrants achieve the American dream. Our team experience in immigration law has given us a firm understanding of the obstacles faced by immigrants. We know how to apply our legal knowledge and skills to help immigrants overcome those challenges. easyILA at team are highly experienced with assisting companies and individuals in the successful application for EB-3 Employment Based Immigration permanent resident statuses. We tirelessly fight for the rights and needs of our immigrant clients. Our attention to detail and hard work sets us apart from the others. Our compassionate team understand how important your unique case is to you, and we want to help in any way we can.

Types Of EB-3 Cases We Handle:

At team easyILA, we handle EB-3 cases for all categories of workers. The following individuals are qualified to apply for the EB-3 Third Preference Employment Base Immigration (Green Card) status: (1) Professional Workers (2) Skilled Workers and (3) Unskilled Workers.

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